“Lawyers are like Doctors, -nobody ever wants one or thinks they need one until something goes wrong.. When things went wrong for me I was lucky enough to be introduced to Chantelle and throughout the whole process she went above and beyond the norm. She was there at silly hours to give info and advice and was and is totally amazing and dedicated to helping whatever the situation. I hope I never need a lawyer again but if I do there is only one person to call. Thank you for your amazing skills and determination in all aspects of my case”

Charge: Fraud by misrepresentation and cultivation of Class B Drugs

“We turned to Chantelle at a very difficult time; a family member had made false allegations against my husband and having been very badly failed by our trial legal team were having to try to appeal the conviction. Right from the start it was clear that Chantelle was a very different type of solicitor to what we had experienced thus far. She kept us fully involved in all aspects of the case, going far above and beyond what was expected of her time and time again. She is very knowledgeable, and really digs down into the important details of a case. She is also incredibly kind and supportive, which you really need when you find yourself in a situation where you need a criminal defence solicitor. I cannot recommend her highly enough, only wish we had found her sooner!”

Daniel and Heather
Charge: Sexual Offences (Appeal)

“I really couldn’t put into words how thankful I am for everything you have done for me. You went above and beyond to what you needed to do. You helped me through the process not only with your great legal advice bit on a much more personal level. You helped me with issues I was having within myself and your calm nature helped me stay calm. I really don’t think I could of made it through this process without you. I feel that without your support and guidance I wouldn’t be in a position where I would be so optimistic about life.”

Charge: Rape

“It is easy to write with emotion, when thinking about a time of darkness, that now seems so far away. Around 8 years ago I walked into Chantelle’s office as a broken young man, trying to walk an unknown path. I was arrested and charged with Conspiracy to supply wholesale amounts of Cocaine. Chantelle’s is an excellent solicitor, with the determination and ability to fully prepare you for trial. My trial was six weeks and highly-complex with multiple defendants. She was always sharp with our legal arguments and knew my case inside out. Chantelle held my hand on this tough journey, she kept me focused and most importantly positive. Make the call and get the support you need.”

Charge: Conspiracy to supply Class A Drugs

“Few lines seem so inadequate to express my appreciation for Chantelle’s effort on my behalf. I am truly grateful to her for helping me to no less than get my life back, she did an amazing job and considering what seemed to me like an uphill battle for my confiscation order, she stood up for me. I am not sure if she fully understands the impact of her actions but I have moved forward and have peace in my life, for this I will always be grateful. Hopefully I will not see her again in a professional context!! A big thank you!”

Charge: Fraud by misrepresentation

“I was represented by Chantelle, and the service I received was highly professional, and personal nothing was too much trouble or any problem for her and was treated with up most importance to her. A very competent and professional lady, who I would highly recommend to anyone. I cannot speak highly enough of this lady’s service and professionality”.

Charge: Sexual grooming of a minor.

Legal Professionals

“Chantelle is very experienced in “cold-case appeals” particularly in serious sexual allegations. She has the unusual ability to combine a clinical attention to detail with heartfelt empathy towards her clients and their families in the most difficult of cases. She is an extremely dedicated solicitor and a great team player to be instructed by on any case”

Julia Smart Q.C, Silk Barrister

Chantelle has particular expertise in cases of sexual assault, rape, murder, bribery and corruption as well as fraud, money laundering and defending those accused of international criminal drugs conspiracies. She excels in the art of client care (for it really is an art) and will go above and beyond for those she represents. Her clients will return to her for guidance and support long after their successful outcomes. She would be my first point of contact for anyone needing criminal legal advice, representation, or a referral. I cannot recommend Chantelle highly enough in terms of her legal acumen, vast professional network, practical skills and unparalleled commitment and work ethic. I have known and worked alongside Chantelle for many years and will continue to recommend her for many more years to come.”

Kate Egerton, Principle Investigative Lawyer, Serious Fraud Office

“As a barrister, Chantelle is exactly the kind of solicitor I love to work with. She is not only proactive and meticulous in her approach to preparing the case, but she develops a relationship of trust with the client, enabling the most effective environment to work a case in what is often a very challenging time for them. Chantelle genuinely cares about the work she does and fights each case with passion. During the life of a case, I am in constant communication with her, ensuring we are always one step ahead and ready for anything that comes.”

Mandisa Knights, Barrister

“As a criminal defence barrister, I breathe a sigh of relief when I work with Chantelle on a case. She is proactive, has a good eye for detail and truly cares about getting the best result for the client. I can’t recommend her highly enough”.

Lisa Bald, Barrister

“Chantelle brings client care to the highest level. She fully understands the importance of every case, big or small. The advice from the outset, preparation for trial and above all, the passion that she brings throughout, sets her apart. It is a pleasure to be instructed by Chantelle!”

Charlie Sherrard QC, Silk Barrister

“I have worked with Chantelle Wijetunga many times on various criminal cases. She always puts her heart and soul into representing her clients and providing the highest quality service. Her client care is second to none. She is an excellent lawyer and nothing is too much trouble. She is hard working, focused, forthright and determined. Chantelle has great empathy and compassion, but can be robust and tenacious when the situation calls for it. She genuinely cares about people and strives to achieve the best possible outcome. I have been instructed by her and recommended her often. She is a pleasure to work with”

Phillipa McAtasney QC, Silk Barrister

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