If you have been contacted by the police or another investigating body to attend an interview on a voluntary basis, we can liaise with the investigating officer on your behalf and arrange representation with you at the interview.

If you have been arrested and taken to the police station, you are entitled to request legal advice and assistance. This can be done by you when you arrive at the police station or by a third party (friends or family) on your behalf. Just contact us and we will arrange representation for you.

If you have already been interviewed, we can advise and assist if you have been charged, released pending investigation or released on police bail.

If you have already been interviewed, in certain situations we can liaise with either the police or the Crown Prosecution Service and make representations on your behalf asking them to reconsider the matter, charge or nature of charge.  These representations can act to try and force the authority to consider the ‘interests of justice test’ and the strength of the evidence or lack thereof in favour of stopping the investigation or charge.

Trials/ Court hearings

There are three different categories of offences, ‘summary only’, ‘either way’ and ‘indictable only’. Offence which are categorised by ‘summary only’ and ‘either way’ offences can be dealt with by the Magistrates’ Court. Doyenne Law can advise you on the particulars of the offence with which you have been charged with and go through any available defences that may help your case. We will also prepare you for your hearings and arrange for a barrister to attend the Magistrates Court with you.

The Crown Court usually deals with the most serious of cases and holds considerably more direction and power than the Magistrates’ Court. We will work with you to prepare every aspect of your case (contacting witnesses, instructing experts, investigating alibis, making necessary legal arguments to challenge evidence) and also advise you as to the best suitable defence or plea options available to you.  The partnership built between us is then completed by an instructed experienced expert barrister who can take our fight to the Court and represent you.

If a young person, or the parent or guardian of a juvenile has been asked to attend the Youth Court, this can be an intimidating and scary experience.  Don’t worry, we can step in and assist with the representation of young clients both at the Police Station and in the Youth Court all the way until the end of the case.  We will explain the law and describe the Court process and procedures involved in an appropriate and understandable way, so that our clients know exactly what to expect at every stage of the case.

Criminal Appeals

If you feel that your case was not dealt with properly or that there was an error of judgment or procedure during your trial, we can advise and assist you with appealing a decision. Whether this is right after your trial or an “out of time” appeal, we have lots of experience successfully overturning convictions overturned and reducing sentences with the assistance of learned Counsel (Barristers).

If your case has already been considered and refused by the Court of Appeal but you still feel that there are new grounds which need to be considered or fresh evidence that has come to light, we can assist in making an application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), the body who has the power to refer a case back to the Court of Appeal if they believe there is a real possibility that the conviction or sentence would not be upheld in the new circumstances.

Areas of criminal expertise/experience

  • Homicide including murder, manslaughter
  • Sexual allegations, including rape, indecency, acts against children and historic allegations
  • Encro-chat or cases involving phone interception
  • Drug related offences including conspiracy to Supply, cultivate or simple possession
  • Fraud including acts by misrepresentation, acts by deception, insider dealing.
  • Money laundering
  • Theft related offences
  • Bribery and Corruption
  • Acts of terrorism
  • Offences of Assault including GBH, ABH and common assault
  • Offences motivated by racial, sexual, religious or other discrimination
  • Blackmail
  • Affray
  • Threats to kill
  • Arson
  • Restraint and confiscation
  • Dangerous Dog offences
  • Road Traffic Offences including death by dangerous driving and careless driving

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